Piles of Cigarette Butts!

I happened to be in Twin Peaks when someone was looking for a warp to Rocktropia, we quickly started a private chat and we were hired. He elected to fly up with me and seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. As the ship was docked at Crystal Palace I could not summon any crew without a detour so I decided to go it alone.

The journey went without a hitch and I received pay once at Rocktropia Space Station. I informed the client of the cheap rates for further warps if taken within an hour. He was not sure how long he would be so I waited around and inspected the ship. There were several piles of cigarette butts in engineering which Wolta has owned up to. I also found several items that were identified as items but had no details in the information window. I will have to take a few screen shots I think (of the odd items not the cigarette butts).

The client did not require any subsequent journeys so I set off for Calypso Space Station at sub-warp speed and took the opportunity to do the ironing, the timing was perfect, I had just finished when we arrived, so I docked and headed to the surface in the quad.

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