I was in the process of purchasing more gold for further SI upgrades when I got a call from one of our regular tricks, he wanted to go from Cyrene to Rocktropia and was in a bit of a hurry. I completed the purchases and seeing as I was going into space took the gold with me. Once aboard the Pathfinder I noticed that the health bars were at less than half way (probably due to the previous SI upgrade). I upgraded with the gold I had and then fully repaired the ship before setting off for Cyrene at warp speed.

Once at Cyrene Space Station I informed the trick  and when he was ready he requested a summons, I summoned him and waited nothing happened. I tried again, still nothing. I asked if he was receiving the summons and he said he was not, hmmmmm! I was going to try a re-log when an idea struck me, I asked if it was Cyrene that he was on, it wasn’t, he was on Arkadia!

I returned to the pilot’s seat and warped to Arkadia were the summons worked first time and we speedily warped to Rocktropia.

On arrival I charged only half the price of the erroneous jump and he left for the surface.

For the time being that is the last of the SI upgrades, the money I had put aside for it has now been used so I can stop checking the auction for gold.



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