S.I. Upgrade and a warp to Cyrene and back

I have been busy buying ingots as cheaply as I can for a while now. I had collected quite a few and was considering making the trip to orbit just to add them. As it turns out I was in the right place at the right time and picked up a couple of passengers who wanted a trip to Cyrene with a return to Calypso shortly after.

I headed for orbit and quickly added the ingots before summoning our passengers and Wolta the Chief Engineer, the warp to Cyrene was completely uneventful. Once there Wolta needed to log so I waited and brought our passengers back solo. That was the last trip for that warp drive and I have fitted the replacement.

The S.I. upgrade is a nice improvement, I have not finished yet either. I’m not going to publish the S.I. here but will let the unpunishables find out the hard way, I find myself almost looking forward to it.





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