Hunting and Skilling

After our return from Cyrene I was standing in the ship considering my options when an old friend of mine from the days of EUC came on-line. John PlayerOfGames Darrow known to me as Nexus (his EUC ID) and I had been trying to arrange a session on the ship for some months. It can be difficult to get a crew together and this combined with various failed arrangements had left us with this idea on the back shelf.

Neither I nor Nexus had any plans and there was some crew members on-line who were available, Oczko and Soo. I cleared out the guest list so as not to summon anyone else in error and after I got the ready from all three initiated the teleport.

Once aboard we spent some time explaining things to Nexus before heading to the training zone, the journey was uneventful, it seems pirates don’t wake up early! In the zone we proceeded to hunt some Cosmic horrors, Oczko and Soo were in engineering, Nexus was on the forward gun and I was piloting. Loot was dreadful to poor, unfortunately. Wolta came back on line and added to her skills to the repair team. Nexus and I swapped places, as usual with a first timer this did not work very well, hopefully we can get some time in the near future to arrange some training in the safe zone of a space station.

I returned to the pilot seat and proceeded to collect a train of Cosmic Horrors to attack the ship, this helped me get some much needed captaincy skills and the repair crew to gain some skills as well. Nexus spent some of his time outside the vessel (space is still buggy) and on a gun observing and taking some screen shots. We continued to to do this until the train became too big for the repair crew and the ship was destroyed.

We revived at Crystal Palace and returned to the ship to repair it before heading to Calypso Space Station where, after I had paid the crew, we went our separate ways.

I think Nexus enjoyed himself, I hope it was worth the wait.

<Edit, looks as though he did enjoy himself and has written an article about his experience.>

8 responses to “Hunting and Skilling

  • PlayerOfGames

    Hi Cee, Wolta, Oczko, Soo 🙂 I enjoyed our adventure in space very much – first time ever I was in a larger spaceship. Apologies for the hash I made of the piloting stint… I know that at times the ship was going all over the place and that targeting mobs must have been difficult as a result for the gunners… Flying ‘in EU space’ has always been a bit of a hit’n’miss thing for me and tbh I don’t know if I have a gfx-card issue or something, only I can’t always seem to get the ship (even my quad wing) stabilized whatever I do with the mouse; but sometimes I can :p But I few more practice runs and I’ll be OK.
    Just started doing the article about the space hunt and it will be all positive, etc, and put the Pathfinder XXXI in a good light.

    nexus7 or PlayerOfGames (in-game name)

  • Cee

    Thank you Nexus :). The flying controls in space are not intuitive, especially if you have flown an aeroplane or a simulator. I have come to quite like them but it has taken a long time. Space travel is not flying so there should be a difference, I think MA have given us something between flying and realistic space physics. Maybe we can have a practice session next time.

    • PlayerOfGames

      Thanks Cee. Yes, I think I do need another pilot practice session or two – and tbh I’m still feeling a bit giddy 🙂 I know that you’re supposed to steer with the mouse and then hit the R key when in the right direction, but it doesn’t always seem to work for me :p


      • Cee

        I have never used R maybe I should try it! Perhaps you have re-mapped it? I use the SPACE bar, tap it once and you get your mouse pointer, tap it a second time and you go back to steering with cross hairs centred. The ship starts to go in a straight line after the first tap.

  • PlayerOfGames

    Maybe that’s it, I’ve never used the space bar for space flying, so I’ll try that next time.

  • PlayerOfGames

    Yes, I enjoyed our space adventure hunting giant space squids and you have a good crew there, so would only be too glad to come aboard to help out again soon. And I was more than happy to do the article, as something like this doesn’t come along all the time, so I just had to write up on it…

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