More Repair Skilling

After dropping off our passenger (see previous entry). We visited Crystal Palace, Wolta piloted and I took repair as there was a pirate sitting behind us. With the RK-20 he stood little chance and though he targeted just the propulsion we still had over 25% on it when his shots became ineffective. Once at Crystal Palace Wolta added a bar of copper to the ship.  The ship then needed to be empty for an hour so we both logged off.

I was back before Wolta so I headed to Crystal Palace and took on a few Aurli with a rather pleasant result just before Wolta returned. I rapidly stored my loot and we headed out to the  training zone to take a little damage and then returned to Calypso Space Station.

Some afk repair skilling ensued. There was a bit of a mix up with Oczko as for some reason I had removed her from the guest list and she spent an hour at the Space Station waiting for me to return. Once I did all was quickly sorted. I then headed for the surface leaving Wolta and Oczko skilling.

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