Skilling mania

In Twin Peaks I spotted someone busy repairing anything she could. I spoke to her and found she wanted to skill repair so I offered her the chance to do so aboard the ship. As it was late (Friday I think) we arranged this for the following day.

Late the next day after making sure she had some RK-5s and welding wire we headed skyward. I had already prepared the ship with an ingot the day before so the 2 of us headed out to the training zone to take some damage. I manoeuvred within the zone for an hour or so while Oczko repaired before heading back to Calypso Space Station where I had to log off.

The following morning I found that 0.0 was disabled so I showed Oczko how to add an ingot then we waited on the Space Station for the 60 minutes before returning and once again performing the return trip to the training zone. Once again I needed to log but Oczko stayed on the ship repairing. I checked in later and all was well so I returned to the planet.

Later I performed a supply run with more RK-5s and welding wire. By this morning Oczko had reached her target of Blueprint Comprehension (Ninja Edit details here) and headed for the surface. The 0.0 feature became disabled but I do not recall why. I headed to Crystal Palace to pick up another ingot but was destroyed by a couple if itchy verrucae on the way.

After picking up the ingot I returned to the ship which was still in PVP space for some reason and when I repaired it found that 0.0 was re-enabled! No idea why that should be but I headed to Calypso Space Station with just 1 ingot in my inventory, here I was joined by Wolta (who very kindly brought me extra Rk-5s and Welding Wire) and we spent a large part of the day skilling repair, although I had to take a couple of breaks, the second one of which disabled the 0.0 feature again so I added the ingot before leaving the ship.

On the Space Station I was offered a lift back to Calypso (splitting the entry tax) So I took this. We got shot down and had to repair and try a second time fortunately without incident.

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