Unexpected transports.

Quite early in the day I headed into the big black and set the ship up for some repair skilling, loot had been rather poor and it seemed a sensible thing to be doing. Once the 0.0 feature was initiated I summoned Wolta and we began to skill.

Lizzy was in Twin Peaks and tried advertising for us. She managed to get a couple of people who wanted to skill so I summoned these one at a time. The four of us had not been skilling long when Lizzy managed to secure a paying passenger, he was promptly summoned and we warped to Arkadia, our client logged out for the transport, as it turned out there was no need. The 0.0 feature was disabled by the warp however (I suspect this is a server boundary feature). Our client took the teleporter to the surface. Wolta, Billy (One of the skillers) and I went to the surface in 2 quads. On entering Arkadia’s atmosphere I was promptly dumped and on re-log found I had crashed on the surface.

Later all 3 returned to the ship and were joined by the 4th for a return trip to Calypso. On arrival we found that there were several pirates making a nuisance of themselves. I managed to get away with Billy in my quad but Wolta got stuck for a few minutes before she too managed to evade them. We re-grouped and headed back to the surface.

Later, Tiger and PBG needed to be collected from Next Island and returned to Calypso, I did this solo. Pirates were once again active when I left Calypso but I managed to evade them and on our return they seem to have gone. Tiger took a logged off transport and they both teleported  to the surface. I elected to spend the night on the ship.

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