Soc. Hunt plus

Two Soc. mates have recently been coming on-line, Tiger and PBG, this evening we went with Wolta out to the Calypso training zone for a short hunt.

When I reached Calypso Space Station I was disappointed to see 5 pirate quads. I informed all concerned and we decided we would go ahead anyway so I summoned them. Wolta had the idea of heading for C.P. the PVP gap is quite small and the pirates do not seem to like operating far from a space station. So with Wolta in the pilot seat and Tiger, PBG and myself on repair we set off. They landed a few hits on us but soon gave up once they realised the amount of repair being achieved.

Wolta and I swapped roles and Tiger and PBG manned the two available guns as we set of to hunt. The hunt did not last long, the returns are so poor compared to the outlay. We warped to Arkadia where Tiger and PBG disembarked.

We soon got another client, this time a short hop to Cyrene, unfortunately Wolta could not stay on line any longer so I did the run solo and without incident.

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