Stop, Wait, Go

Clearly I am losing the plot, the previous entry has it’s conclusion missing:-

On arrival at Calypso Space Station, Wolta and I headed for the surface in a quad. Unfortunately the area had several pirates in it at the time. We sat in wait just inside the safe zone, 2 pirate quads manoeuvred close to us and powered down, waiting. After sitting their some time Wolta and I decided to return to the Space Station and log out. To try the journey to the surface would have been pointless.

I logged back in later and attempted the same thing solo, once again I waited within the safe zone and watched a couple of pirates. When one of them headed for CP the other gave chase, I seized the opportunity and headed for Calypso. The pirate chasing the other broke off and came after me, fortunately I was too far ahead and by continuing in a straight line made sure I stayed that way. The pursuer wasted some ammo and then gave up. I returned to the planet unscathed.

The problem of space piracy is a growing one, I have noticed more and more people trying this and seriously who can blame them? It seems to me that the balance is wrong here, in real life there is a punishment for such activity but in EU there is no such deterrent. Pirates therefore have very few risks when preying on a vehicle that just wants to go somewhere else, in some ways it could be considered quite a cowardly act. Additional problems are introduced by the coloured triangles being associated with the vehicle and not the pilot/crew. I hope these issues are addressed at some point in the near future, that some kind of punishment system is introduced and that the karma is associated with the player and not the vehicle.

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