Quick, Quick, Slow

We received a call from a crew member who needed transport from Next Island to Cyrene. As we were on Calypso we made some quick preparations. I headed skyward and once aboard summoned Wolta.

We had issues with pirates leaving Calypso, the ship was destroyed in spite of Wolta’s valiant attempts to defend us. It is difficult to properly defend a ship without a full crew, 3 is the bare minimum, 5 would be ideal, we were only 2 and with the current bugs regarding the use of guns even less than that!

Quick – After repairs we headed off again this time unmolested and made our pick-up jump to Next Island, there was a short wait while our client organised his affairs.

Quick – Once he was ready he was summoned and we set off for Cyrene, encountering no issues.

Slow – Once out client had paid and disembarked we set off for Calypso at sub-warp, the journey took about 50 minutes and gave me time to catch a little in-flight entertainment and Wolta time to make and eat dinner.


Here I am calling our customers clients. That’s what a “high class” would call them but we are a “dirty little” so I guess I should call them Tricks!

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