On Impulse Only

On an impulse Wolta and I took the ship out to engage with the Skyflail, as these are quite close to Calypso we went at sub-warp and on arrival found the spawn to be quite dense, we hunted them for an hour or so. While it is possible to do this with just 2 people (it is possible with 1), it is quite annoying, Wolta repaired for most of the time, I switched between pilot and gunner. Loot was poor and we had a fairly spectacular loss by way of return.

After we continued at sub-warp to Rocktropia, quite a long journey but Wolta managed to skill most of the way as the 0.0 feature was still enabled from a week or so ago although this became disabled as we approached Rocktropia. We both went to the planet in Wolta’s quad.

Sub-warp is quite relaxing, in future I will arrange for an “in flight movie”, at 1AU every 5 minutes and 20 seconds it is quite a long journey.

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