Training/Hunting Cruise Preparations

Preparations are under way for the next cruise, scheduled to begin at 1800MA on  Thursday the 11th of April 2013. Most potential crew and trainees have been contacted and I have had several definite responses, an old friend of mine from EU Chronicle (known on the site as Nexus7) should be joining us too.

Intentions for this cruise are:-

  • Initiate the 0.0 feature prior to departure.
  • Summons of crew from Calypso at 1800.
  • The more experienced crew members will be given the opportunity to pilot, gun and repair, two of them will have the opportunity to initiate warp.
  • New recruits will receive a short induction from me during the initial sub-warp manoeuvres (oh lucky them!) and be give the opportunity to pilot, gun and repair.
  • Warp jump to a hunting area (location to be determined)
  • As much hunting as we can collectively afford.
  • Warp jump to return us to Calypso.

The schedule allows for 4 hours in total but we may cut this short. The schedule is likely to change due to crew requirements or issues caused by the VU of the 9th (hopefully only fixes will be implemented).

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