Training Cruise Report

This was scheduled for an 1800MA start, by 1805 everyone was aboard and a member of the “DLH training cruise” team, the initial roster consisting of:-

  • Nouellus Wolta Phenix
  • Anne Calico Bonny
  • Jimi Seitsmes Herb
  • Billy Rockstar Idol
  • Myself (Chela Cee Bias)

I asked everyone to create a control icon for “Align Horizontal” and “Warp Drive” and then did a quick tour of the ship, during which time we found a few bugs with the gun positions, many of the seats claimed they were occupied when they were not even when no one was in any seat.

We set off at Sub-Warp for the training grounds (not really happy with that word but that is what it is called), with Wolta at the helm, when we got about half way Wolta relinquished the pilot seat and other crew members had a chance to pilot, with people swapping the pilot, gunner and repair position frequently. We continued doing this into the training grounds were we took on a few Cosmic Horrors, everyone had the opportunity to try all the roles whilst under fire.

After about 30 minutes of this Billy needed to log and we were joined by Side Slay Show (who I had invited a little earlier and his friend Fille Ghostman Home), there were a few issues with the boarding, it’s a bit buggy in space at the moment.

A change of plan ensued and Wolta warped us to 796,759 instead of a trainee, the leaving and boarding had disrupted the flow a little and I wanted to get us moving again. Slay and Ghostman only wanted to repair so they stayed in Engineering, Wolta piloted, I sat at a gun and everyone else moved between gunnery and repair while we despatched a few Dropships, these were no where near as tough as I had thought they would be. I am not sure how many we took but the loot was poor and after a while we had difficulty finding any more.

Slay suggested Locusta as these would give the repair crew more to do which is always a good idea. Change of plan number two ensued and Wolta warped us to 832,683. We emerged from warp and were immediately under attack, after taking out a few of these, With trainees swapping repair and gunnery positions (I try to keep everyone interested). We went into the full on all out repair skilling. I piloted and got as many as possible to attack us and everyone else repaired, when things looked dire I moved to a gun and shot the attacking hoard, we did this successfully twice, on the third occasion we were destroyed, my fault, not paying attention :). We re materialised at Next Island Space Station, were we regrouped and repaired.

I set out for the Locusta again at sub-warp while we decided what to do. A plan was formulated to warp to Calypso training grounds again, take some more damage and mobs and then sub-warp to Calypso, this would save a warp jump. However by the time we had decided this we were in the Next island training grounds so we took the damage and mobs there instead. until once again I failed to see how much damage we were taking and we were again destroyed.

Regrouping and repairing at Next Island Space Station for a second time. I offered the warp jump back to Calypso to the first trainee volunteer, this was Calico. With some basic instruction she took the ship out of dock and initiated warp returning us to Calypso space station a little over 4 hours after we had first left. At this point the team split up and the cruise was over.

Wolta had got herself a Quad-wing earlier in the day so we returned to the surface of Calypso in that.

After that I went through my notes for crew assessments and will speak with each person in turn to get their feedback.

I have a possible solution for my negligence with getting us destroyed. I tend to keep the health bars  off to the right and out of the way so they do not distract me, clearly they need to distract me so in future I will position these closer to the centre of the screen.

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