Training Cruise Arrangements

Having spoken with Wolta we have decided that the best day for a second training cruise is Saturday the 30th of March 2013. Times have not yet been decided.

I am in the process of talking to potential recruits for this training cruise in order to arrange a time when the most people can attend. Unfortunately it seems there are few people on line this week, possibly due to the recent robot activity on Calypso.

My plans for this session are:-

  • A sub-warp cruise to the Calypso training grounds during which time attendees can familiarise themselves with the vessel and spend some time sitting at the guns.
  • Some time in the training grounds shooting a few Cosmic Horrors and repairing.
  • A warp jump.
  • Some more hunting and repairing, this time testing ourselves against some dropships.
  • A 2nd warp jump back to Calypso SS.

How much time we spend at each activity depends on the situation and number of attendees. During the cruise I hope to let everyone spend some time in the pilot seat, on the guns and in engineering. In addition the first warp will be conducted by a trainee under guidance.

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