A day trip to Arkadia.

The Pathfinder is not just for commercial purposes, it’s also to have some fun with so in the late afternoon of the 9th of March 2013, Wolta, Lizzy and myself set off for Arkadia. Wolta was pilot and Lizzy and myself were on repair duty.  the Journey was without incident. On arrival Wolta and myself headed to the planets surface whilst Lizzy explored the Ark Royal in the hope of finding a permanently active 0.0 feature, there wasn’t one but on returning to the Pathfinder she found it once again active here so continued to skill.

Late the following afternoon, Wolta and myself returned to the vessel to find Lizzy still skilling! Again Wolta took the pilot seat, this time I jumped on a gun and we returned to Calypso SS. This disabled the 0.0 feature. Wolta and I descended to the surface being particularly careful to avoid the 3 pirates lurking in the vicinity.

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