Pick-up Express!

Wolta found us a client. He required a warp journey to Arkadia SS, a summons and warp return to Calypso SS. Wolta decided to stay on Calypso as this was not going to take long. I summoned the client and we headed out from Calypso SS initiating warp asap. The arrival at Arkadia SS was smooth it was immediately in front of me and I kicked the sub-warp drive into action and as soon as we were docked initiated the summons.

Our passenger was on board and logged out, I headed away from the SS and was about to initiate warp when I noticed lots of repair messages! I was a little confused, the health bars of both reactor and propulsion were at full and I was seeing no damage messages. Suddenly a red warning beacon appeared on the HUD, a whole string of damage messages flashed passed and the health of both reactor and propulsion dropped to below half. I turned for the SS but with so much lag it was too late. There was a large explosion and myself and my logged in client were killed.

Back at Arkadia SS we repaired the ship and set out again, this time without incident, arriving at Calypso SS our client’s colleague re-logged and both departed the ship. Fortunately they were very understanding.

I had not experienced so much lag in space before, at least not without a crash. I must have looked like a complete numpty to the attacking Quad wing, Oh well, nothing I could have done then and nothing I can do now to change it.

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