Warp Speed to Rocktropia

On Sunday the 3rd of March 2013, I stay aboard the Pathfinder while it is docked at Calypso Space Station whilst Wolta stands in Twin Peaks advertising both warp and sub-warp transport. Quite some time passed and we had both become bored. A brief chat and we had decided upon a team hunt I began the journey to the surface.

When leaving the Space Station in my Quad I almost crashed into Slay, we both powered down and hung in space for a while having a chat whilst a pirate implored us not to shoot her down (apparently she was training a noob, maybe that should be a piraob).

It was just as well this delay had occurred, a PM from Wolta informed me we had a passenger, I let Slay know, made my excuses and returned to the Pathfinder. On arrival I beamed our precious client and Wolta (who is also precious) aboard and after some discussion warped out to Rocktropia, our passenger playing with the guns.

The journey was entirely without event, our passenger disembarked and Wolta and myself headed to the surface for our team hunt.

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