Sub-Warp Manoeuvres

Several days of activity within the Calypso system with multiple visits to FOMA, Crystal Palace and the training grounds as well as the surface of Calypso, public access was initiated to allow repair skilling though I am not aware of anyone taking advantage of this however our latest crew member has been repairing intensively and I have had to reactivate the 0.0 feature on an almost daily basis.

During one transition from Calypso Space Station to Crystal Palace we were attacked by a quad-wing fighter. The Pathfinder continued on it’s course unable to return fire, we sustained 27 hits two of them critical but we reached the safe zone around Crystal Palace with plenty of structural Integrity to spare at which point the quad-wing broke off it’s attack. I am very pleased with the ships performance in this situation but do wish we had a gunner available at the time and feel sure the attacking pilot would have backed off much earlier had we been able to return fire.

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