The voyage home

Most of the crew stayed on Arkadia for the duration, James needed to return to Calypso earlier, he did kindly offer to return when we were going but I assured him this would not be necessary.

On the Saturday Wolta and I managed a team hunt while on-world and hit a rather nice esi, this will certainly cover the costs of the journey although we may have blown a bit hunting.

On the Sunday, Wolta, Henry and I had a second team hunt, this resulted in a low global and was not profitable.

We brought forward our return to 1500 as Henry is in a different time zone and it would have been 0300 there if we left at 1900 as I had hoped. Paulchen was not able to make 1500 so logged off on the ship.

Come 1500 we had one passenger (a different one), we had tried getting more but there was not a lot of life on Arkadia! The return journey went smoothly and we gave our passenger a free trip to the surface of Calypso.

Later, Wolta and myself returned to the vessel and went sub-warp to the training grounds to initiate the 0.0 feature before returning to Calypso Space Station for some repair skilling and then back to the surface.

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