Our first customer.

Last weekend Wolta and I decided to schedule a trip to Arkadia for this weekend and we set the departure time for 1000 MA. During the week I spoke with several crew and organised a total of 5 (including myself) to be available for the trip. We decided the price should be 2 PED per passenger, this was a simple introductory offer in order to try and generate a client list.

This morning Wolta advertised in Twin Peaks, I advertised at Port Atlantis and Paulchen travelled from TP to TP advertising the flight. Wolta got us one passenger, who in the interest of discretion shall remain nameless.

I added the selected crew and our precious client to the vehicle guest list and summoned them, all answered except Wolta who stayed on the planet until the last minute trying to get additional clients, once she was on board the crew took their places and our client logged out.

There had been some pirate activity when I first arrived but by 1000 it had ceased, I fired up the sub-warp drive and once we were away from the dock engaged the warp drive. My warp tests paid off, we arrived at Arkadia with the Space Station dead ahead, it was a simple cruise in without any manoeuvring. Once docked the crew except for Wolta and myself disembarked, I updated this site so our client could log back in and once he had and had left the ship Wolta handed over the 2 PED plus some of her own PED to cover the cost of the jump. This was something she had asked to do last weekend, being aware of the cost to me of the various training jumps we had made she wished to pay her own way. Although this is not required I do appreciate it, I would want to do the same.

Wolta and I then headed for the planet and once there I spoke with our client requesting he FL us in case he should need our services again. It turns out he is already crew on another vessel and is unlikely to require transport again. Disappointing but I cannot help but see the humour in the situation. We were used and tossed aside like a “Dirty Little Ho” :). Were we to use the DLH name our motto could well be “Use us and toss us aside”.

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