Skilling: Repair, pilot and gunner.

This was a spur of the moment exercise, loot on Calypso had been bad all day. I asked Wolta if she would like to go skill some repair and she was keen. Paulchen came on-line and he was also eager so I headed skyward and beamed them both aboard.

We set off for Calypso training grounds via Crystal Palace at sub-warp, the journey was uneventful. I was pilot and gunner Wolta and Paulchen were in Engineering. I maneuvered so as to allow some Cosmic Horrors to attack us then put my feet up for a while. When I was suitably rested I got into a gunners seat and shot the Horrors.

So it went on for a couple of hours, toward the end I had 11 of the critters on us at once, with just 2 repairing this was not sustainable so I had to move away from them to allow Engineering a chance to catch up, once the SI was improved I would fly through and around the group until the SI was uncomfortably low when I would out run them again. It was doing this that I picked up the most skills, well worth remembering.

The hunting side of things was quite poor, I managed to almost half my money but then loot was bad all day.

We had another uneventful trip returning to Calypso SS. As I had added an ingot yesterday morning before the attempt at gaining a client, the 0.0 repair feature was in effect, so the three of us stayed on skilling repair. Which gave me the chance to write this.

Wolta has advised me not call ourselves Dirty Little Ho (DLH), not everyone shares my sense of humor. Though I am disappointed I understand and respect her opinion so I need to think of something more acceptable. I will still make a logo though, just for fun. I still consider the new philosophy to be valid.

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