Almost total failure but a new philosophy emerges.

On the schedule for the day was to try to get our first paying passenger. All crew had been alerted and while they continued with their normal activities almost all were available on short notice.

I began advertising at Twin Peaks at about 1000, after I had said the same thing three times I was bored but I continued for about two and a half hours. I was not the only one advertising warp trips, from what I could make out my competition (an established organisation) had no more luck than I did. At least that means the failing was not entirely on my part and that there was a lack of customers.

Whilst standing in Twin, I thought a lot about what niche I should aim at and what customers wanted and came to the conclusion that the niche should be anything and that customers by and large want a cheap but efficient service. It seems it’s time to do what every new business does when trying to get a footing in an established market and undercut the competition. Does this mean that we are to become the “dirty little ho” of the space transport industry? Well, it seems we are going to be cheap and prepared to do just about anything so the answer to that particular question would have to be a yes. Sad but true. I have begun to work on a logo and will add it to the banner soon! Some people are not going to like it.

Towards the end of my stint in Twin Peaks I was approached by a client who was asking what I would charge for a trip to FOMA, I explained that a warp vessel was not really a suitable vehicle to transport one person but I did offer to take him in my quadwing and with the newly acquired “dirty little ho” philosophy in mind asked 20% less than the competition were touting. He snapped up the offer and after he had downloaded space we set off for FOMA. There was one pirate lurking but like a “dirty little ho” I just didn’t care and headed straight for FOMA. Needless to say we were shot down, my client materialised on FOMA so he was happy and I materialised in the Pathfinder so it saved me having to make the trip back. I did have to repair the quad and with the decay and consumables it probably ate quite a long way into what was going to be nearly 2PED profit, I expect I made a few PEC but what the hell, I’m a skank!

Look out for the new logo.

Cpt. Cee.

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