Training exercise report

I had been expecting about 15 people to report for training but had only 6 shows (not including myself). One person who was not going to make it did log in briefly beforehand to let me know, something I appreciate greatly. We left a little late due to some confusion with a straggler and his mate who was not on my F. L. The final roster in no particular order was:-

  • Nouellus Wolta Phenix
  • Ivan Loki Zacharia
  • Evaldas m0niqa Genys
  • Jimi Seitsmes Herb
  • Henry BabyOxide Ha
  • Baldar BB Baggler
  • Chela Cee Bias

There was one pirate quad lurking in the vicinity but with 2 Gunners and 4 in Engineering I did not consider this a problem so I pointed the ship at the pirate and fired up the sub-warp drive. I was happy to see the pirate turn tail and run. Once away from Calypso Space station I engaged warp and we headed to Gordon’s Belt. There was not a mob to be seen, I maneuvered at sub-warp but could find nothing. After a few minutes I checked our position and found we were at nearly z-500 so I aligned the ship, raised the nose and headed “up”.

I tried to give everyone the opportunity to do everything, it was a little confusing and is only suitable for a situation where there is no real pressure. I will be re-thinking how to do this. BB, Loki, Wolta and myself piloted and everyone except Wolta had a chance to use the guns.

There was one team global all the loot from this went to Henry as he was the only shooter at the time. I find myself wondering about loot distribution, effectively there are several people supporting those on the guns and they deserve something for their efforts, something else to think about.

After 2 hours I warped us back to Calypso, I will be allowing others to do this in the future but I have been working out approach vectors and needed the extra experience. There was a bit of confusion as we tried to organise the return to the planet, 2 of the crew were in need of a lift and with people dashing off we were lucky to still be able to do this. In future this needs to be arranged before we leave.

Considering the amount of confusion and how busy I was responding to questions, reallocating personnel and checking to see if everyone was happy it is just as well that only 6 people showed, with only 5 of them requiring any training. I think limiting the number of trainees in future is probably a good idea.

In summary, it did not go too badly, some lessons were learnt, some still require a ponder on my part. Everyone enjoyed themselves and are interested in further sessions.

Cpt. Bias.

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