Introducing Captain Bias

My first log entry as captain, it was so tempting to title this post  “Captain’s log” and in truth my only qualification for being Captain is that I am bald! However I think it best to avoid the Star Trek references.

I purchased this ship on 29-12-12 and have been getting the feel of it for a few weeks now along with a few others, there was a break of nearly two weeks due to connectivity issues, hopefully these are now resolved. I have received help from several friends and Slay in particular has been very patient in answering what must have seemed a stream of never ending questions. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Wolta, Slarty, Paulchen and of course Slay.

Since reconnection I have been busy trying to find a suitable crew. I’m not looking for anyone with awesome skills, just lots of people who are willing to fill any of the roles required to put a crew together at short notice. Obviously friends have joined and some of their friends too. I also placed an advert and have had some very positive responses to that.

I have known since before day one that my good friend Nouellus Wolta Phenix, commonly know as Wolta was going to be Chief Engineer. I am sure she will be more than capable of organizing the repair crew and I consider myself fortunate that she has accepted the position.

I am still short of a Weapons Officer, I am hoping that one of the crew will want to take on this role. I should find out quite soon as I have scheduled a training mission for 1800 MA on Sunday the 3rd of February, during which I hope to give everyone the opportunity to Pilot, Shoot and Repair. After this I will talk with each in turn to see if they are interested in being crew and if they would like the position of Weapons Officer and find out their preferences, time zone and primary language.

I am aiming toward a multi-national and multi-lingual crew and I hope that members of that crew will contribute to these Ships Logs in their own first language.

Cpt. Bias.

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